Introduction To Integrations

In Metricalp we believe that simplicity is a virtue. So, we wanted to keep integration as simple as possible. You can integrate Metricalp to your website without big efforts. Under the hood, you only need to embed Metricalp script to your website. That's all. Right after you can see your data in Metricalp dashboard. But for specific frameworks we implemented libraries to make this process even smoother. At the moment we have React and NextJS integration libraries officially. We are planning to implementing more libraries for different frameworks in future but we also have integration documentations for some other frameworks. If you are using React, NextJS, SvelteKit, Angular or Vue.js please read that sections directly. If you are using Wordpress, we have a custom section for it,too. But if you are using any another framework or you have pure html/php website, please check Pure JavaScript integration section. (All other libraries also uses pure javascript integration under the hood but this is a secret sshh!)

Also, in any integration you can always customize Metricalp with configurations. After completing your platform specific integration and learning how to provide custom configurations, please check API reference to see all of configs and their explanations.

You totally got this, let's go!