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Our platform empowers you with comprehensive website insights through a user-friendly interface. We prioritize your privacy above all, guaranteeing that your data never leaves your control and is never sold to third parties. Additionally, we strive to offer the most competitive pricing options in the market.Achieving this trifecta of affordability, quality, and privacy is possible thanks to our talented team of developers and our commitment to ethical business practices. We believe strongly in providing an exceptional service built on trust and transparency. After all, good people and good developers deserve access to tools that align with their values.

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We are also customers of our own product. We know your needs and requirements. We know your priorities. here the some of the features we know you gonna like it.


Gain Unparalleled Customer Insights with Granular Data Analysis

Go beyond boilerplate metrics and uncover actionable insights about your customers. Our platform provides access to a comprehensive range of data points, empowering you to filter and segment these by specific date ranges and conditions. Understand your audience through the lens of granular details, enabling you to optimize strategies and drive meaningful growth.


Unlock a Deeper Understanding of Your Customers with our Comprehensive Web Analytics Suite.

Our platform equips you with the essential tools to analyze and comprehend your customer base. Gain valuable insights into their behavior, preferences, and trends, empowering you to make informed decisions for marketing, product development, and overall business growth.


Gain Granular Geolocation Insights with Visitor Demographics.

Uncover valuable location-based data about your visitors, including their country, city, language, and timezone. This comprehensive visitor profiling empowers you to personalize your content and marketing efforts for enhanced engagement and reach.


Uncover User Technology Trends with Comprehensive Device & Browsing Data.

Gain valuable insights into the technology your users leverage by accessing data on their browsers, operating systems, and device types. This in-depth understanding empowers you to optimize your website and content for seamless performance across various platforms and devices.


Pinpoint Your Traffic Acquisition with Detailed Source Attribution.

Understand exactly where your website visitors come from, be it direct traffic, social media platforms, search engines, or referral links. Our platform even supports UTM parameters for granular campaign analysis. This comprehensive understanding of your traffic sources empowers you to optimize your marketing efforts and maximize ROI.


Unveiling User Journeys with Comprehensive Entry & Exit Page Tracking

Our platform provides in-depth entry and exit page data, revealing how visitors navigate your website. This granular insight empowers you to understand user behavior, optimize your website flow, and ultimately drive conversions.


Unveiling User Behavior: Gain Invaluable Insights with Session Replay

Session replay is the hidden gem in Metricalp. This amazing feature empowers you to gain a deeper understanding of user behavior by providing a visual record of every interaction, every action within your product.


Track Bespoke User Actions with Unlimited Custom Event Tracking

Go beyond standard metrics and tailor your analytics to your specific needs with unlimited custom event tracking. Define and monitor user interactions that matter most to your business, gaining deeper insights into their behavior and preferences.


Enrich Event Data with Granular Custom Properties

Elevate your event tracking by attaching custom properties to any action your users take. This allows you to capture specific details within each event, providing a richer and more contextual understanding of user behavior.


Uncover Targeted Insights with Granular Data Filtering

Our platform empowers you to filter your data based on custom conditions, enabling you to segment and analyze specific customer groups and data subsets. This powerful filtering capability equips you with actionable insights to optimize your marketing efforts, personalize user experiences,


Measure Success with Goal-Oriented Conversion Tracking & Funnels.

Define and track key conversion events with ease using our goal-setting and funnel creation features.

Own Data

Collaborate Effortlessly with Flexible Dashboard Sharing

Our platform empowers you to share your dashboards seamlessly with others. Choose between public access for wider exposure or secure sharing with a designated key for granular control. This flexibility ensures you can collaborate effectively and keep your data safeguarded according to your needs.

Own Data

Unfettered Data Access & Export Options for Complete Control

Download and export your valuable analytics data in your preferred format, including XLSX, JSON, or PDF, for seamless integration with your workflows. Moreover, enjoy the peace of mind knowing your data is securely stored indefinitely with active accounts, ensuring you can access and analyze it whenever needed.


Enhanced Data Security with Granular Hostname Control

Our platform empowers you to define and restrict the hostnames authorized to send data to your tracker. This robust security feature allows you to prevent data collection from unauthorized or unknown sources, ensuring greater control and peace of mind over your analytics data.


Decide on the Allowed Event Types or Choose to Allow All

You have the option to restrict event types, preventing spam or unwanted event types from appearing on the dashboard. Alternatively, you can allow any event types to provide greater flexibility.


Effortless Integration with Metricalp: Get Started in Seconds

Integrating Metricalp into your website or app is a breeze, requiring only a single line of code. This streamlined approach ensures quick and seamless implementation, allowing you to start collecting valuable data instantly. Additionally, we offer dedicated libraries for various programming languages, further simplifying the integration process for your convenience.


Unleash Granular Data Control with Flexible API Access

Our robust API empowers you to access your valuable analytics data directly. Leverage this API to build custom dashboards, automate data export to your preferred systems, or integrate seamlessly with your internal workflows. This granular control ensures you can utilize your data to its full potential, driving informed decision-making and enhanced business value.

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