Create Account

You need to create an account to use Metricalp. You can create an account by clicking the Create Account link.

We aim to keep every process of our app is smooth as possible. Account creation is also simple with this purpose. You need to provide your full name, email, password and that is all. We will send a verification email to your email address. You need to verify your email address to use Metricalp.

But while it is simple as much possible, there is an easier way. You can create account/log-in with your Google account with just one click. You will see Sign In With Google button on login and register screens. Whenever you click with that button, you will be directly signed in after giving privileges by Google pop-up.

It is totally up to your preference, you can prefer email&password login or sign-in with Google button.

Configure Account

After you have an account, you can view and change your account settings in Account Settings screen.

You can change your full name and password in this screen. Even if you logged-in with Google, you can set a password in this screen so you can log-in with password in future. Please keep in your mind, you can not change your account email address. If you really need that because of emergency, you can contact with us.

Another thing in this screen is, you can add your address info. It is important to have proper invoices. If you declare your address, it will placed in your invoices as you provided. It is optional but we definitely recommend to provide your address info.


In the top menu of account settings screen, there is another submenu Subscriptions. In this screen, you can view and update your current subscription information.

You can view your current package, free trial start & end dates, current billing term start & end dates and last billed amount. Also you can view your current usage info in this screen. Please keep in mind that, usage info is being updated periodically. So it may not be very up-to-date.

Also you can change your package, change your payment method and cancel your subscription in this screen easily.

Congrats, your account is set and ready 🚀 Let's create and configure a Tracker to use Metricalp as next step.