Allow localhost Events & Exclude Me

In Metricalp, we are caring you and your customers. We caring you, defaultly Metricalp does not collect events in localhost (and to save your usage quota while development. But if you are just testing your Metricalp integration or you have some special case, you can allow localhost events with data-allow-localhost attribute.

<script src="" data-allow-localhost="true" data-tid="YOUR_TID" defer></script>

When you remove this attribute, the localhost events will not be collected. You may want to delete it after testing integration once. For all API configurations please check API Reference

Keep in mind if you restricted hostnames in tracker settings (not allowed all hostnames), then you also need to add localhost to allowed hostnames list. Please check Configure Trackers to learn how to set allowed hostnames list.

We also caring your customers so all visitors have right to exclude from Metricalp tracking.

To exclude from Metricalp tracking just set exclude_metricalp in localStorage to 'true'

You can set it in browser console like:
localStorage.setItem('exclude_metricalp', 'true');

Now Metricalp will not track you. When you change your mind, just delete it from localStorage and it will start to track again.