Discover Dashboard

The heart of Metricalp is dashboard. You will see all data in dashboard. We kept dashboard design as simple as possible although it presents many types of data. You will see the current tracker name in the top left corner. If you want to view other trackers, you can click on the tracker name and select the tracker you want to view. There is also plus button next to tracker select box which you can use it to create new tracker.

In the right top you will see the current time based on current trackers timezone. Keep in mind, all time data will be based on this timezone.

Also you will see Export button, Reset filters button (if you have any filter), Filters button and date range selector button. If you select `Custom` in date range selector, you will see date range selector. You can select any start and end date to query.

With export button, you can export current dashboard data as XLSX, JSON or PDF and download your computer. Filter reset button removes all set filters with one click. Filters button shows filters panel. You can view current filters, remove them and also you can set their equality config to `ìs` or `ìs not`.

Below to it there are the main metrics. Main metrics are: unique visitors to see unique(non-duplicate) visitor count for selected conditions, unique sessions to see unique(non-duplicate) session count for selected conditions. Session means started and ended visit. If a user visited a webstie session starts and when user leaves the website sessions ends. If user comes back to website before than session timeout, it will be same session. Metricalp can extend session for effective count. Unique session count can be less than unique visitors because some sessions can be on in progress state (user still on website). Another metric is total visits to see total visits count (which includes returned users in same day). There is also another metric total, it is for total event count (generally total pageviews if you did not select a custom event to query). Screen views per session metric shows average screen view per session. Screen duration is average screen view duration per session. Bounce rate is percentage of one page session. If a user visits a website and leaves it without any action, it is called bounce. So, bounce rate is percentage of bounce sessions. You can also see tracker status in main metrics (Active or Inactive).

Below of the main metrics, you will see chart for selected main metric based on time. You can click other main metrics to see time series change on that metrics. In main chart you can change the time range with the top right select box of chart.

Then you will see the metric boxes. You can set filters by clicking lines in the metric boxes. Then you can remove/manage these filters on by filters button as described above. In the last metric box, you can change current queried event type. The default is always screen_view event but you can set it to any custom event which you had as event.

Now let's continue with how can you integrate Metricalp with your website.