Why Metricalp is the best alternative to Google Analytics?

Why Metricalp is the best alternative to Google Analytics?

No doubt that Google Analytics is the most popular web analytics tool in the market. But it is not the best. Metricalp is the best alternative to Google Analytics. Why? Because Metricalp is the most affordable privacy focused web/mobile analytics tool in the market. It cares about privacy, never uses personal data, cookie and it is much cheaper than any. It is simple, no boiler useless data complexity. It provides best user experience. It is fast, reliable and secure.

First of first, we are not saying Google Analytics is bad. It is a great tool. But it is not the best for all. We are on 2020s and data privacy is more important than ever. Google Analytics is not a privacy first tool. It is a data collection tool. It is using cookies and collecting personal data from your visitors and using it for its own or a third party company. You can see this in their (very long) privacy policy. They do not deny even this. It is a free product but it is not free. You are paying with your visitors or customers data. It is not a good thing. It is not a good thing for your business and your customers. Also it is not legal at all with latest EU policies. You can check: https://tuta.com/blog/posts/is-google-analytics-illegal

The second thing is Google Analytics is not a simple tool. It is a very complex tool. It is very hard to a new user to understand what is going on. Because they are collection too much data and not just showing you, they are collectin them for their own purposes as described above. But this makes their data collection (script) too heavy. It harms your website performance. Then it impacts your SEO. Also, their dashboard is big mess complex with all these unnecessary data. So, it is harming your website and showing useless things. I can understand their perspective, they are huge company and they need to collect user data as much as possible. But from user/developer perspective, it is not good at all.

You are direct responsible for your visitors data. You are responsible for your visitors privacy. Google will not care about your responsiblity status and privacy. This is the one of the primary drawbacks of using Google Analytics is the inherent privacy concerns associated with it. Google Analytics collects a vast amount of user data, including IP addresses, device information, and browsing behavior. As privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA become more stringent, website owners need to be cautious about the data they collect and process. Google Analytics' data collection practices can raise red flags for users who are increasingly conscious of their online privacy. The tool's widespread adoption also makes it a target for regulatory scrutiny. As a website owner, it's crucial to strike a balance between gathering valuable insights and respecting user privacy.

While people already know this for long time, many adblockers are blocking Google Analytics from day 1. But Metricalp is compilant with all EU policies like GDPR and CCPA. It is not using cookies and not an evil tool. So, we are not blocked by any adblocker. You do not have any illegal or privacy & security issues with Metricalp. You are not paying with your visitors data. You own your data and it is dependent to full of your control.

Dependence of Google Analytics

By relying on Google Analytics, businesses inadvertently become dependent on a single entity for their data analytics needs. This dependence poses risks, as changes in Google's policies or service disruptions can directly impact a website's ability to track and analyze user behavior. Diversifying analytics tools can mitigate this risk and provide a more resilient and adaptable solution. Again, Metricalp is founded by a solo developer. You will not be dependent to a single entity. Every action will be discussable and you will be able to reach me directly.

Lack of customization

While Google Analytics offers a plethora of features, its customization options may not be sufficient for every business's unique needs. Advanced users might find themselves restricted by the limitations of the platform, leading them to seek more flexible and customizable alternatives. In Metricalp, you will have the most meaningful data to understand your users and you will be able to customize your dashboard as you wish like custom events, props etc. This will happen in a single simple screen.

Data Sampling

Google Analytics relies on sampling to process large amounts of data efficiently. While this is a practical approach for managing immense datasets, it can compromise the accuracy of reports, especially for websites with high traffic. Businesses requiring precise and granular insights might find limitations in Google Analytics' ability to deliver accurate, real-time data. But in Metricalp, we always presenting pure data. We never sampling it. So, our data accuracy is much better than any tools in the market. We are almost providing 100% accurate data always. Also, we are doing this with a very affordable price. The cheapest in the market. Because we are not greedy. We are not a huge company. We are a small company and we are feeling your needs.

Lack of support

Google Analytics is a free tool, and it offers limited support to its users. While the platform does have a help center and community forums, it does not provide direct support to users. Businesses that require more personalized support might find Google Analytics' support options lacking. But in Metricalp, we are providing direct support to our users. You will be able to reach us directly and we will be able to help you directly. We are not a huge company and we are not a free product. So, we are able to provide direct support to our users.

Lack of real-time data

Google Analytics is not a real-time analytics tool. It can take up to 24 hours for the platform to process and display data. This can be a problem for businesses that require real-time insights to make timely decisions. But in Metricalp, we are providing real-time data. You will be able to see your data immediately. You will be able to see your users' actions immediately. You will be able to see your users' actions in real-time.


While Google Analytics has been a staple for website analytics, the 2020s bring new challenges that necessitate a reevaluation of its usage. Privacy concerns, dependence on a single provider, limited customization, and data accuracy issues are factors that businesses should carefully consider. Exploring alternative analytics solutions that align with evolving privacy standards and business needs can ensure a more robust and ethical approach to data analysis in the digital era. Metricalp is the best alternative to Google Analytics. Let's try it now. It is free to try. You will not be disappointed we promise.

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